Get business solutions, not business software.

We focus on the details of your business to help you improve your existing workflow tools and build new ones. We take time and ask the right questions to help you track and optimize those things that you couldn't track before. Our solutions are secure, modular, easy to maintain, and work in the real world with real users.

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A great deal of our work comes from the mining industry in Australia and around the world. We have worked with some of the leading companies.

Modern Solutions to Legacy Software Problems

With over 16 years experience building tools to connect to legacy assets such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, we've learned to develop smart modules so that your systems last for the next 15 years.

Ventyx Ellipse

We are a long term Information Technology and Business Consulting partner to Anglo American, a multibillion dollar mining company that uses Ellipse as their ERP. Our major projects together included streamlining the purchasing functions for the procurement department, automating the entire repairs, quoting and purchasing functions, and integrating the external scanning and hosted application for validation of Accounts Payable invoices via web services to Ellipse. We also integrated wireless barcode scanners to Ellipse via Web Services.

When you have legacy systems that cause bottlenecks and headaches, our solutions plug right in to streamline your business workflow.


Desktop, Mobile and Web Services

We use the latest off-the-shelf technologies to build solutions that are easy to maintain, whether by us or by your technical team. From font-end interfaces in HTML5/CSS3 to Web & Windows Services in the latest versions of .net, our solutions are clear, well-documented, and lightning-fast.

We communicate at all stages with your in-house technical team to make it easy to hand-off configuration, maintenance, and enhancement tasks.


ERP Gear Pack

Our flagship suite of enterprise-level ERP products is called ERP Gear Pack, a collection of the professional tools big companies use for managing their data. ERP Gear Pack comes with:

ERP Gear Connections:
Everything you need for talking to any ERP system

ERP Gear Website:
A beautiful & customizable interface for entering data according to your real-life workflow

ERP Gear Reports:
A customizable set of views and reports for visualizing and exporting your data for human eyes 



Our custom dashboards let managers and administrators keep an eye on everything going into and out of the systems they rely on every day. We analyze your business process and ensure you get up-to-the-minute data on the right screen at the right time.


Defining Process

Development teams write code to match specifications, but our solution teams write specifications to match your business. We consult with you to understand your process and make the simplest possible workflows for your users.


Logical Presets

We analyze the way your users work in the real world in order to preset our systems to match. Intelligent software solutions result in intelligent data, helping your users to enter data fast and get whole-picture answers right away.


Tracking &Reporting

Our clients need to keep track of thousands or millions of assets, scattered among warehouses and work sites, all in real-time without errors. We build solutions that simplify processes so that end-users can make updates easily and managers can make decisions based on up-to-the-minute reports.



ERP Gear Connections works in the background to get data into and out of your ERP system from any source, whether that’s another ERP system, a vendor’s database, some spreadsheet or file, or anything in between. ERP Gear Connections can run constantly, or on a specific schedule.

Our products can call on ERP Gear Connections to connect your systems to any other systems: flexibly and securely.



ERP Gear Website is a front-end interface for all of your data. Whether that means reading, modifying and updating data in your ERP system, or even without any ERP system at all.

ERP Interactions Gear matches your team's workflow, so that they can enter data on their own terms, not bound by screens in the ERP. Save time and gain business intelligence by entering the data you need to track, following exactly the workflow your business uses.



ERP Gear Reports connects seamlessly with your existing ERP System or with other ERP Gear Pack products to deliver beautiful customized reports. Improve your business intelligence and track your assets with reports on any of your data.

In addition, ERP Gear Reports can export customized data views to any format. If your partners, vendors, or customers require specific views of your data, ERP Gear Reports can help.

More Details About Our Flagship Products

ERP Gear CONNECTIONS lets you import & export your data
... from any system to any system
... at the press of a button, or automatically on a schedule.

Our clients manage millions of records & assets in ERP systems from ORACLE, AIX, Ellipse, SAP, and other vendors. If you are like them, sometimes you need to bring in data from sources that your ERP system can’t handle. Sometimes you need to send out data to your partners & vendors in formats that they already support, but that your ERP system does not know about.

ERP Gear Connections has been designed to remove headaches related to bulk data import & export, and to make it faster to bring in data from any data source, and send out to any data source too.

With ERP Gear Connections, you can securely share your data with vendors and partners, and receive their data securely too.
These products are currently installed at client sites and working live in production:

Warehouse Management Application

We work with multi-billion dollar organizations to provide solutions for warehouse and logistics management. Our newest Warehouse Management Application automates the entire purchasing process. It consolidates receipting, manifest management, consignment management and more.

Best of all, our solutions work on any device, including tablets. We provide our own custom virtual keyboard, that workers can use even with gloves on on the shop floor.
✔ Manage Receipting
✔ Manage Manifests
✔ Manage Consignments
✔ Process orders & reconcile receipts
✔ Synchronize everything to your ERP system... constantly in the background
✔ Automatically bring in data in real-time from other data services and even MS Exchange servers

Web & Windows Services for talking to legacy ERP systems & modern databases

Our solutions are designed to be modular so that you get exactly the services you need and only those you need.

For example, it’s easy to drop in our web & Windows services to start getting data in real time from your Microsoft Exchange server. At the same time, you can get data from your legacy ERP system or any modern database. We combine all of these data sources and create visually-appealing graphical interfaces for your workers to use. The interfaces we create are not haphazard: they mirror the real-life workflow of your people, optimizing data entry & retrieval.

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